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The AgriConnect Summit 2024

Bridging the Divide and Fostering Collaboration and Innovation for Sustainable Agricultural Future

Our Sponsors & Partners

We are grateful to the following organizations for their support. Their commitment fuels discovery and paves the way for a more sustainable future.
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Our Sponsors & Partners

We are grateful to the following organizations for their support. Their commitment fuels discovery and paves the way for a more sustainable future.
About The EVENT

Collaboration and innovation for building a sustainable agricultural future.

The AgriConnect Summit brings together key stakeholders in Nigeria's agricultural sector – technology providers, financial institutions, food industry leaders, and government representatives – to tackle the challenges faced by our small and large-scale farmers.
Collaboration is Key to Food Security

A conversation with Mr Temire Bob-Egbe on Beats FM.

Meet Our Speakers

Get ready to be inspired by a distinguished panel of industry leaders, innovators, and changemakers who are shaping the future of Nigerian agriculture.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria

Dr Bosun Tijani

Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy of Nigeria

Ms. Ruth Abisola Olusanya

Honourable Commissioner of Agriculture, Lagos State

Dr Adebowale Akande

Dr Adebowale Akande

Director and CEO BIP International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

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The future of Nigerian agriculture is collaborative. Together, we can bridge the divide between sectors, ignite innovation, and build a sustainable future that nourishes our nation and Africa.

The Agriconnect Network

Cultivating Sustainable Change Together

The AgriConnect Network is a collective force for a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural future in Nigeria. We are a community of passionate individuals and organizations – agripreneurs, tech innovators, financial institutions, food industry leaders, and government officials, changemakers – united by a shared vision for a thriving, sustainable agricultural future.
Our Vision

A thriving agricultural sector in Nigeria, where smallholder farmers flourish, food security is assured, and sustainable practices pave the way for a brighter future.

Our Mission

To empower stakeholders across various industries in unison, fostering innovation and creating impactful solutions for small and large-scale farmers in Nigeria.

Our Values

The AgriConnect Network values collaboration, innovation, empowerment, sustainability and inclusivity. We believe that working together is key to achieving a thriving agricultural sector in Nigeria.


Conference & Events

We bring together stakeholders across the agricultural value chain – farmers, policymakers, industry leaders, and innovators – through conferences and networking events. These events spark collaboration, ignite new ideas, and foster a vibrant community dedicated to agricultural advancement.


Data Gathering

We understand the power of data. We gather and analyze information on agricultural trends, challenges, and opportunities. These insights inform our initiatives and empower stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.


Workshops & Training

Equipping farmers with the knowledge and skills they need is central to our mission. We offer training workshops on various topics, from innovative farming techniques to financial literacy and market access. By empowering farmers, we empower the entire agricultural sector.

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